Wednesday, November 25, 2009


New York Dolls 1973

Ramones 1976

Elvis Costello 1977

The Patti Smith Group 1976

Blondie 1977

Iggy Pop 1978

David Bowie 1973

Lou Reed 1974

The Jam 1977

Iggy Pop 1979

David Bowie 1973

Iconic Cult Rock posters circa 1972-1982  Glam, punk, New Wave etc.... Got this old book someone gave me that i love of old Music posters. Uploaded my favourites, and im pretty certain they miles better than ones about today, or maybe its just the feel of the time, when everything was much more experimental and exciting, and music was more of a revolution than some of the generic stuff about now..hhmmm......dunno, but if nothing else its great photography.

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