Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I had the pleasure of helping my friend , louise May style these images she took round where i live, she is exploring all types of photography, not just fashion, but wanted to do a shoot which involves architecture aswell as a styled fashion focus too. East London has so many lovely places and building's to photograph, and most people are too busy/pissed/in their own world to notice them, it poured with rain in true British fashion from the first shot, but we still had a laugh taking them, and i think the shoots look great-take a gander!
pretty much all of the clothese are vintage, many from beyond retro in cheshire street, shoreditch. The bowler hat, and leopard print boots- which are so mazers, are topshop numbers.
i will post more shots soon, as there are so many....

links to Louise Mays website is below, aswell as the models blogs, Luke (fashion blog) and Alexis (weeding blog) which are also fantastic, and worth a visit! ta ta x

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