Friday, August 13, 2010


Im quite attracted to any chunky knitted pieces at the moment, especially oversized cardigans and shawls for the winter months. The strongest looks for me are the patterned fairilse or aztec designs which are quite 70's in style, so im going to hunt a vintage/second hand one down i already have  a cardigan in greys and blues i love from a market in Amsterdam, but i want a brighter one i think.

Im also thinking about taking up knitting  for a winter hobby, love the idea of sitting in a pub with a gin and tonic, lots of mates and a knitting that sad? anyways, i dont care, because Wool and the gang have some really nice patterns for first time knitters, and not a bad price..have a look, i really like the idea that it could come out a bit wonky and personal.....!

Jean paul Gaultier


Dover Street Market

Wool and the Gang

Beach Cafe

Sarah Berman

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